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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ever Closer...

We've crossed into the month of May and edging ever closer to my departure date...

Having submitted my copies of the thesis to the Dean's Office and clearing up a few more forms here and there, I have now only to wait for my exams to come by and that final of finals (lectio coram) before I can heave big sigh of relief from all my studies here in Rome! Meanwhile, it had been quite a drag to continuing waiting all is out to its end and some days are literally long. Sure, there are classes to continue going till end May and some other studying that needs looking into, but the temptation to go and do something else less 'studious' creeps in, making it all sort of confusing. It also gives me some sense of suffering a guilty pleasure of sorts to be the only person in the Collegio student, apart from those who are currently doing their doctorate or have finished it, who is free and with nothing much left to work through :-D

Anyway, the days are getting hotter and summer is just about to make its way in, so I might as well 'enjoy' whatever I can from the last months here...


Young Minstrel said... also exam next confidence for it, really..a lot of things teacher didn't tell, by the time i find out for myself - too late

in my opinion the school shouldn't put the hardest subject first - a simple one is better as to let students get a hang of the culture first

not going to regret if fail - try again

Young Minstrel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Young Minstrel said...

had to delete bcos the comment had lotsa mistakes

erm...problem was the teacher kinda lied, i know the teacher has our interests at heart as not to bog us or frighten us

and it was too late when i found out that much was not taught

so i'm not surprised if we fail for the exam

Unknown said...

just do what you can confidently... worrying too much isn't going to help the situation.


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