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Monday, June 23, 2008


"This is wonderful, it is impossible to find the words to express such an emotion," gasped Fabregas (Cesc, who is also playing for Arsenal as mid-fielder).

Late last night, I gotten the news that Italy lost to Spain on penalties (2 -4) and now they are out of the Euro Cup. I knew that someone in Singapore would be deliriously happy with this result as Spain happens to be her favourite team. I think she is having the same sentiment as Fabregas like one having pass a driving test for the 1st time...

It is interesting how a game like football/soccer can cause such great and varied emotions among all kinds of peoples of the world who may not know each other but share the same passion that transcends boundaries of place and even time.

I don't have that much zest or strong inclination for this game other than my constant support for the EPL team, Spurs, which had a slow 2007/8 season. But I don't underestimate the passion that underlies the support of the fans which keeps them coming back to the clubs and teams come rain or shine, in season or out. That seems to be the secret of this game, or any game - passion.

If one do not have such passion for this game, one would have gave up and gone for another that would interest one's short attention span. Bringing that a little further into life, passion may be the support that would give the extra boost in having one cling on to something or someone in spite of the odds that say otherwise. One of the Spanish saints, John of The Cross, has this incredible passion for God that allowed him to survive his most crushing and humiliating torture done upon him and by his own kind! Surviving inprisonment and much suffering, he managed to even write several poems that would earn him as Spain's wonderful literary artist and the loftiest poet of that country.

Do you have any passion for anything?...


Young Minstrel said...

performance arts especially music (IT'S IN MY BLOOD), sketching, culture, languages, English subtitled-Japanese cartoons and English-translated Japanese comics..really hope to watch n understand in Japanese without any aid in English one day

Anonymous said...

Very apt use football to discuss passion and draw parallels, especially about life. Homilies in church, if done in this manner would reap great understanding from lay people.

Hope that you are recovering and looking forward to reading your next post!


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