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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fishers of Men

I happened to see this over at a friend's blog and was bowled over by the incredible message that was presented there in a manner that was not overboard, sensitively done with just the right touch of intensity and urgency without being too drama-mama.

The phrasing and words used there are so prickingly true that they pierce the very essence of what we are experiencing in the world today. A bold statement made there is that the 'Catholic priesthood is an instrument for change in the world today'. Much can be debated over that and this video offers such an opportunity for this.

I like this video on promoting vocations because it takes in the vista of the priestly vocations that is much more encompassing which also describes it with strong and remarkable statements. Statements which are echoed and printed in Sacred Scripture and all the other relevant Church documents on this matter.

I wonder if the Serra Club over in Singapore can offer a similar video of such nature that can instill and move men into the priestly vocations that our archdiocese sorely need...


Anonymous said...

To digress from your blog entry, I think you'll find a roller coaster ride through heaven and hell super duper cool :-) --

Young Minstrel said...

"The Priestly Vocation is counter-culture" or sth like dat..counter-culture..YEEEAH!!!

my wish is to get my final Blessing..if i get it, i will hold dearly to it to my next journey onwards..i guess i kinda understood when Priests say "Death is also a journey"..i'm glad we have a Merciful - Loving - God :)

if i'm a male, i'd gladly lay down my life for priesthood, but ah - God Made me otherwise

Sean said...

Hi Father,

Greetings from Singapore … with your prayers (and fasting) for Serra Club …. and “….with God, all things are possible”. (Matthew 19:26)

Serra Club of Singapore


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