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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Going through a little patch of drought here as I couldn't find anything worthwhile to blog on. Mostly, I have been feeling rather lazy and lethargic over writing any entry here lately. :-P

Most of the days have been the usual scenes of going to the University for classes, coming back, doing up the assigments as much as I can and having my meals on a regular basis. The weekend can also be rather slow with opportunities to catch up on some lost sleep over the past week. However, this coming weekend would be a little different as I shall be making a trip together with the College's football team to Florence and Milan for a game with a parish in Albaredo.

We shall be eading out on Friday morning and passing by Florence before heading to Albaredo where we will be staying for the soccer match. On the way back we will drop by Milan and do some sightseeing too. This coming Friday here is a public holiday. It's the country's Liberation Day in celebration of the country's end of World War 2.

So, there will be a little bit more to write on later and with pictures to accompany!

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dakunfrancis said...

m so touch...thank God for you


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