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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It's been a week already since my last entry...
The Collegio's trip to Albaredo was a refreshing and needed experience, one that needed to get out of Rome for once and enjoy the cool, clean air of the mountians and make new friends. The occasion of the public holiday on Friday last week was the main impetus to head out of town on a tour bus with about 30+ people that visited Florence, Lake Como and Milan along the way there and back.

While in Albaredo, which was quite highup on the mountains and near the Swiss border, we had a chance to savour the local food and hospitality there which was warm and much friendlier than one would find in Rome. There was also the football matches which we played with the local football team (and lost...), the visit to a nearby lakeside town of Como which was a fascinating experience altogether. I don't mind retiring there if I really had that chance!

Now, I am back to the grind with school work and classes. But this week is going to be a rather short one, with a holiday again on Thursday (1st May). My Fridays are free and that means I have my week of classes till Wednesday. How fortunate! Perhaps I can use the extra time available to get some missing hours of sleep...

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