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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Singapore Slices...

Posting has been rather weak the past week (pun unintentional!). I have found it rather difficult to put down anything worthwhile and have been getting rather lethargic even with my class assignments.

There is this rather bad tendency to put off things until the last moment and saying angrily to myself that I should have done and finish with them long time ago and not having to face a pile of things to finish now. Even as I am writing this, I am thinking about all the necessary assignments and other 'chores' that are lying in wait for to start on them! :-P

But those aside, I am still blessed with the eventuality that all will somehow come together and turn out reasonably fine in the end. That does not mean that I still do nothing. It is just that I may have to push myself more to pace my schedule appropriately.

Providence also has come in the form of visitors from Singapore and allowed me to acquire the longed-for tastes and slice of the Singaporean life through some food goodies and stuff. :-) One couple came by last week on their way to visit their daughter in France and currently, there is student on her way back to York (UK) and is having a chaplaincy trip in Rome. All of them are from my previous parish where I had served. Another would be dropping in next month. She was formerly in the RCIA journey of 2006 (in the same parish) of which I was in charge of and gotten baptised. So far, I already have acquired some toiletries which couldn't be gotten here, the famous Bee Cheng Hiang meat, sambal chilli paste, pineapple tarts, packet noodles and Famous Amos cookies, just to name a few. I thank all the wonderful people who have been very thoughtful for these and other items. ;-)

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and the days are slowly giving way to an end of one academic year. I still have much to accomplish before I can really say 'ta-ta!' to all this here, but I certainly wish I could already do so now....

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