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Sunday, April 06, 2008

The 6th Day That Was...

Saturday. It was quiet day. So quiet that I decided to make some noise of my own by wrestling with my seminar paper which I was suppose to amend and tidy up a little before handing it up as the final draft. This, I was suppose to do, like, last month. When I finally finished it, I could feel a weight of the entire universe gently slipped away... :-D

Meanwhile, I had a series of interesting emails through my flickr a/c over the minimimmo toy paper I made which I had photographed and put up there. The mails were in Italian and the request from the other party was for my picture to be included in their pool of other pictures showing minimimmos created in other parts of the whole world. I agreed and, later, when I went over to the main minimimmo site I was surprised to see that the comic strip version which I had earlier done up too, had came up at their display! So, if you are not too late, you can go there and check it ;-) Moreover, if you haven't try doing any of the minimimmo yet, perhaps it's time you have a go at it! It's fun! A stress reliever too...


Anonymous said...

Hay Fr. did you change your name to Annoysius without telling anyone la? lol hahaha

Unknown said...

that has been my callsign at that account since the beginning... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Saw your strip on their site. Wah, you're famous now!!!

Looks like they're doing this colonising the world thingy somewhat like how Stikfas did theirs last time.

Say, why don't you photoshop a whole colony of MMs attending B16's general audience at St Peter's Square. Now I wonder what he's gonna be saying to them. Har har har. Another comic, perhaps?


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