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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Is In the Air

Sorry guys! I missed April Fool's... :-D
I am back at classes and it takes some effort to get into the motion of studying again :-P I am still on cruise mode and find it rather difficult to get things which I know need to be done, quickly. This weekend will see me catching on a lot of writing and some amount of head cracking over much reading material.

The weather has been slowly warming up and the sun's pretty hot these days. Spring is around and now travelling to the university for classes gets a little crowded in the buses as I have to compete for space with the tourists that are coming back in droves to the city! That also means that we have to be on a lookout for pickpockets. They work in twos or usually threes and are very deft on any unguarded pockets or bags. They would usually prowl through those buses which are packed with commuters and tourists and they are the buses which I use to travel the university...
I got my sun back. I don't need the crowds and pickpockets. I wish I was anyway but here. Why I am actually here, I don't know. Time will tell. So, meanwhile, I might as well take it in my stride and perhaps one day I shall look back at all this and laugh...

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