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Sunday, February 17, 2008


This is the last day of the 1st semester and after all those exams, we will begin the 2nd semester tomorrow. I am taking this opportunity to do nothing much and just laze around.

There is practically nothing much for me to do now except to start attending classes again to see just what kind of workload I have gotten myself into. But I am not going to lose sleep over this and just let the schedule takes its course. However, I do need to remind myself often to do up whatever assignments that are given as early as possible and not wait till the last moment like the other time... :-P

Meanwhile, I am going to get excited over here with two 'friends' that never went away from my memory. One continues to present the fight between good and evil in a very simplistic and entertaining way while the other encourages a person of my age that growing old need not mean lying on the ground now and waiting for the first dirt to fall and cover you, mortal that I may be. Both give that sense of an ideal which speaks of live, vitality and acceptance of one's own dignity not to be made a slave of by anyone or anything. They display the potential of human freedom, used appropriately or not, and the responses given at each situation where an important action is to be taken. These 'friends' show how these decisions can be made rather easily and, or course, with their consequences.

But in real life, things are not that simple and unlike the movies, you sometimes just don't get up, shake off the dust, and walk away unscathe as if nothing happened. Which is why watching these 'friends' of mine perform (especially in their past exploits), I just can't help but feel a wee bit jealous... ;-)

Don't you?

1 comment:

Young Minstrel said...

ahh, but with great power comes great responsibility : One fights flourescent tubes the other fights flabs


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