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Monday, February 25, 2008


Here we are now...

Just finished through a week into the 2nd semester already. The courses I am taking this time round are a little more challenging. Still, I am slowly taking all this in my stride as I am a lot better off when I compare myself to my other confreres here who have to take their courses in Italian (and learning Latin and a few more European languages along the way too!). So, no complaints here...

In the meantime, I came across this illuminating video which gave me a lot of food for thought. It's based on a topic that one doesn't usually speak openly about. However, this person did so and with extremely good reasons. Even after I finished viewing the video, his words continue to play in my mind. Even from a purely secular point of his view, I find he made more sense than some Christians I have came across. Let me know what you think.

Have a good week!


Young Minstrel said...

i watched the whole good 75mins full version..uploaded it version in my blog, exaggerating but it's the best i can do as a tribute

Anonymous said...

Fr. Aloysius, his talk dose have its intended inspiriation, but I take issue with his instruction that "CARMA" will take care of the rest, I thought, that is what the Catholic Chruch teaches "God" dose. And I do not see the connection between " CARMA " and "Blessings" ,I am not intending to knock the mans good intention,but it still just re-inforces the thinking that man dose not see or refuses, God as the sustainer of all things , the only person not recognised in the givin talk. Your opinion Please? thank you Bob

Anonymous said...

If I may, before answering, I did see the whole presentation, and I miss spelled "Karma", but after listening to it, took note that he specifically said that he was not going to talk about religion. Yet, made references to "Channeling" , "Karma " , "kindred Spirits", and "Yen and Yang". he also spoke of "Head fakes". He was caviler about "hell" and no mention of "God". Yet he spoke of learning the basics,basics, basics and importants of fundamentals. Yet, no mention of God and Faith. He is givin the reception and banquet of a saint but yet, no mention of a faith ? "Head fake" ? While he spoke eloquently about human virtues, it lacks the forceful and fluent empowerment of a person of an abiding "Faith". I am not judging him ,but only answering your "let me know what you think" question--ok, Bob

Unknown said...

I based my opinions on the clip over at the oprah show. that probably was slightly shortened version from the full lecture he gave at the university.

while he did mentioned 'karma' in that show, he did not made any links to further pseudo-spiritual matters as he may have done in the full lecture.

however, from where he was coming from, he, being a person who is not of any faith denomination, still possesses some longing or inkling for the 'divine' of sorts. I don't questioned the sincerity of his worldview on this as he is entitled to that.

however, his main topic was really about facing death and not to take that in a manner that leads one to despair. So, how each of us do that would depend on many factors, one of which would also be our faith. Prof Paush may not have been enlightened by the virtues of our faith, but if he were so, I wonder what he may say instead, in this light?...

that's what I was wondering :-)

Anonymous said...

yes, I see your point. and as I made reference to I,m not judging him, but in todays society, with the deceptions of the new age thinking, which has also affected some Catholics and a clear understanding of our Faith, its hard to ignore the possible misconceptions it may foster. And it would indeed be interesting ,if givin that he were enlightened of the light of our Faith. But the fact that he is being touted by people like "Opra" can bring some uncertainty to his sincerity, but that is just my opinion. Having said that, yes it is a very inspiring manner to approach one death. Yet, it lacks " hope" and the absolute certianty of consigning one self to a self determaining absolute demise, for who know God plans. bob


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