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Friday, February 15, 2008


A good movie entertainment usually is one that takes you on a churning rollercoaster ride and after that is over, you say to yourself, "Let's go for another round!"

Well, for those of us who like such opportunities to engage in such a ride like this, just check out the latest on the return of Indy Jones! In this fourth instalment, he's not as young as he used to be but the ride is still dizzying and puts any potential young rival to the rescuing-damsel-in-distress business to shame! I mean, he had protected the power of the divine, saved the cradle of civilisation and triumphed over the armies of evil. Now he's going to save the world again. And all this while he is a 'part-time' teacher/professor!...

If the story does not make it stand out, which I doubt, the rousing theme song of the movie is more than enough to make you stand up and go out to find your own adventure of an Indy proportion! ;-)

May 22nd
is the day to look out for!

Now, if only some of our professors could be tad like that... :-D


Young Minstrel said...

he fat liao la

Death Note 3 is the movie i'm looking out for!!! 21st Febulalous!!!

Elaine said...

Heya Fr. Aloy!!!

Juz wanna drop a note to wish you well =D Happy for you that your exams are over. Meantime, enjoy your holz!!
Happy CNY!!!
Happy Valentine's!


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