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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Onwards to Christmas!

We are finishing the 2nd Week of Advent and inching closer towards Christmas itself. So, my friends, what is Christmas to you?...

This will be my first Christmas which I am celebrating in a foreign land. Feelings of a little loss is there because I have to bear with the familiarity of family and friends which are totally out of my reach for the duration. Speaking of family, I think the Christmas that we are all so well taken to may be quite saturated with streaks of commercialism that the real joy and grandeur is missed totally.

So, here's what Christmas can be for me...

a. it's in our hearts

You have anymore to add to the list? ;-)

*** update: here's your addition as of 22 Dec 2007. bring them in...!


Anonymous said...

Fr.Aloysius see if this makes the list ,its a link to youtube for short video

Unknown said...

I think it does (in a strange sort of way)!... :-)

Anonymous said...

How about this? :P


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