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Saturday, December 22, 2007


A friend reminded me about this time of the year where those who are living in countries that experienced the 4 seasons, today at 22 Dec at 6.08 am (GMT) was suppose to be the Winter Solstice. This was all because she had the traditional Chinese glutinous riceball in sweet syrup at her in-laws place for dinner earlier! :-D Here's an explanation from another about this delicacy.

There's a video on a wait that showed this event, somewhere in Ireland. If you have the time and patience, have a look...

Meanwhile, continue to send in your take as what Christmas is for you! :-)

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Jigsawsg said...

Dear Fr Aloy,

Kinda sad that you are not with your family this Christmas or even next year also. No worries, it will pass fast and you'll be an older priest looking back at this time in the future *G*

Will have some ham, chicken and moussaka etc for you! Yums!

Blessings at Christmas.


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