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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Stranger In A Strange Land

Every happening, great or small, is a miracle by which God speaks to us and the art of life is to get the message.
Malcolm Muggeridge, British journalist, (March 24, 1903–November 14, 1990)

In a place where you do not belong and terms like 'foreigners' or 'aliens' stick to your name like Blutack on a wall, finding people or being with people in company of similar cultures and country of origin can be a very pleasant exercise in camaraderie and comradeship. It gets better when there are familiar cuisine that makes one's mouth water like curry, soup, vegetables, fish, chicken, all cooked in a manner that is unmistakably SE Asian, i.e. Malaysia/Singapore and topped with real rice cooked in the way that we all know so well!

It was my first time with the Malaysian/Singapore monthly dinner group over at the St Peter's College this evening and it was a good and pleasant change from the usual dinner we have over here at St Paul's. :-D I have missed three opportunities in the past months due to other appointments and tonight they were eagerly awaiting my presence. The exchange of stories and other anecdotes brought our group closer in touch with our homes and the struggles that each of us have to face every time we step out of our respective Colleges to head to the places of studies.

Perhaps it is times like these that will soothe our long distances away from our respective places of origin. The phrase 'birds of a feather stick together' can sometimes be use to refer to a derogative term. But tonight, it's anything but that. I know I am not the only one having problems with adjustments to a country that can be a little overwhelming to the senses sometimes. Together with the rest, I know I should be be able to manage - somehow. The fact that I am here, I know it is a miracle! ;-)

(from left: Fr Lazarus, Fr John, Fr Julian, Fr Francis, Fr Julian, Fr Stanley, Fr Kevin and Fr Albert)

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Young Minstrel said...

kinda like home away from home..nice feeling :)

btw..a lot of songs hor...


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