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Saturday, October 13, 2007

First Week!

I survived the first week at the Angelicum....
Most of my lessons were in the afternoon and it was the usual mad rush to clamber aboard the crowded bus, squeezing through all those passengers and making sure that no item of mine goes missing after I get down.

The place of study is itself quite a historical place with many interesting anecdotes. The late 'great' John Paul II himself studied here when he was doing his doctorate, oh, a long, long time ago. At one of my Spirituality class, one professor actually took JPII's actual thesis on John of the Cross to highlight an interesting point about the saint's spiritual life! Soon, those papers may well be put up as possible relics!

The Angelicum is situated in the middle of a town area where there are many Roman ruins, one of which is the famous Colosseum. I may just take a short walk there after one of my classes and check out the sight. But the tourists, oh, them tourists! They are all over the place and adding in the traffic, you can get a big super headache after five minutes of walking around! The jostling, pushing, stepping, etc. are all part of the experiences here.

My class have a collection of students from all over the world: Indonesia, India, Africa, USA, UK, just to name a few. Enough to make your head spin! As long as I get through the day in one piece, I am grateful! :-)

(pictures courtesy of Fiona He)

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