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Monday, October 22, 2007

Reality Check Pt 1

It really takes one to get out of Singapore to really see how much we really take our country for granted and what great conveniences Singapore has always offered that make life there so much more efficient, safe, clean and orderly. Sure, you may have something or many things to say about the style of governance but when you come down to the bottom line, it will not be lacking for its noble attitude that looks at the common good of her people.

Here, in Rome, it's polluted, there are beggars and pickpockets that roam the streets, drivers and motorists on the road that are overcrowded and never usually follow proper driving rules or etiquette, transportation system that goes on strike rather frequently (for higher wages, but the services still 'suck'). The civil service is full of red-tape. What would usually take a few days or weeks to register/renew in Singapore will take several months to a year to complete here. When you do get your registered/renewed item back, you realise that it is time again for the renewal! Furthermore, everything here is expensive and the weather, well, it is just as crazy as the inhabitants of this city.

I am not complaining or ranting on my stay here, this Sunday evening. I am just realising how much treasures I have lost since leaving Singapore and understand that the grass is never really greener on the other side. I am not saying that we just keep to ourselves and don't venture outside our borders, but rather, that we should be more aware of what is in the world around us and not gripe unnecessary about what our country is seemingly lacking when compared to other so-called great or modern countries/cities.

We need a reality check now and then. Visiting these great countries/cities is fine when you are not staying there and dealing with the locals and all. If you have to stay for awhile, then you'll get the REAL picture. I found mine today...


Natasha Yong said...

There are always pros and cons in every land. Learn to enjoy what's there.

Keeping you in prayer :P

Anonymous said...

Stay strong!

Joanne :)

Anonymous said...

Rome sounds a lot like KL ... ha ha.


Anonymous said...

I'm just about to send you a latest postcard of good ol' Sg to tell you what you've missed since you've left. Watch out for it in your mailbox! :D


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