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Sunday, October 28, 2007


We travelled through time this evening by going back another hour to adjust for daylight savings... :-)

As if 6 hours of time difference with Singapore wasn't enough, now I have to look at Singapore which is now 7 hours ahead! :-P I am actually able to see the past and the future, while maintaining whatever sanity left, to be in the present! Confused already?... so am I! :-D

We had a short recollection this afternoon which ended at dinner time. The theme was Will of God. Our Spiritual Director of the College was giving his sharing on this and had graciously printed out the talk for us to read in tandem. It was a great help as my Italian is still not up to scratch and my main concern with my studies in English doesn't allow the Italian language to bloom efficiently. For all that's worth from the recollection, I know I am here is only because of that Will.

Meanwhile, the weather just got warmer this today rocketting up to about 24 degrees from a low of 15 the past days. Crazy!...

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Elaine said...

Mmhmm...all things happen in His will. And what is required of us is obedience, right Father? =D I learnt how painful it can be, obeying Papa. Yet, it still doesn't stop me from burning with passion for our Lord! Meantime, if hot is 24 degrees, I think we're burning here in Singapore at 28-30 degrees!!! Haha!!! =D

I got your e-mail! Thank u so so much!! =)


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