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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hijacked Life

It hasn't been easy with blogging the past week as I usually get back late (after 7.00 p.m.), feeling all tired out from the afternoon's lessons and the bus journeys to and fro the university. Then there is also this rather irritating business about people wanting my help to setup or troubleshoot their newly bought laptops. They either needed to get connected to the Internet or are having problems about getting rid of the Norton antivirus, because the free trial has expired.

I also have a life of my own, when I am not being asked to look into other people's computer woes, which I have to consider, especially my assignments that are slowly accumulating. The time that was taken to do up all those laptops could have easily translated into finishing my assignments. So, now I have to trudge through my weekly questions from 2 lessons as much as I can till I cover them all to the latest week ahead... :-P

Meanwhile, I find much interest, fascination and insights arising from the courses I am taking for this semester. A person in my age and disposition, studying in this manner and environment can be very daunting. My only consolation is that I never worry about the language medium as it is in a language I know and understand well. Still, there is this nagging thought of whether I am measuring up to the standards and expectations of what the Spirituality course asks of me, in particular. See, the expectations come back to haunt me again...

Anyway, I finally cleared my list of needed purchases with two items from the electronic store (Euronics) yesterday. One is a mini radiator and the other a laser printer. They both set me back by about 200+ euros. With those two bought yesterday, thus end my quest for stocking up my room with proper electrical appliances. Now, I hope to get down to some real work with my assignments....


Anonymous said...

isn,t there any computer support groups or assistance for others to go to provided on campus? or in the community where you are staying? then there is the possibility that you continue to help in a more offical manner where you post hours of offered help, in that way you can control how much time is spent helping others and still provide sufficant time for your own studies? could that be helpful?

Elaine said...

Hi Father,
Eh, sometimes I feel like you do. Torn between helping others and finding time for myself to complete my uni assignments!!! AHH!Then again, Anon is right. There has to be a way round this.
Meantime, hold on!! =)
God's grace is sufficient.

P.S. May I know what is your e-mail add? I met my ex-teacher Miss Sheila Rabot from KC, who wanted very much to drop you a message, but she doesn't have a blogger account!
Thanks Father =)

Unknown said...

this is an ecclesiastical university and those in rome where most frequent do not have such support grps or services... :-P

similarly in the college where we stay. so it is up to our own generosity, expertise and initiative to help when we can. it's also means I must learn how to say 'NO' ;-)


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