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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Speak Like the Locals

I was fined 1 euro this morning for using an English word instead of its Italian equivalent! :-P

From this week onwards we are all to use Italian in our conversations and to put aside our mother tongue, especially English, French, Hindi, Tamil, etc... Whoever caught using them would be fine, like yours truly. :-D

Also, this week onwards, we begin to take turns to celebrate the Mass in Italian at the Clares Monastery. The roster is up for us to see what day we are helping to concelebrate Mass and proclaim the gospel (in Italian, of course!) and what other day we would be celebrating the Mass. I have mine this week on Thursday for the gospel and Friday to celebrate the Mass! Furthermore, on Sundays we will now go to our assigned parish for our pastoral work and mingle with the people there and also attached to an Italian family.

All this for us to get into the rhythm of speaking Italian like the locals... mamma mia!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fr Aloy,
Having to converse /celebrate Mass in Italian - wow! ;)
That would definitely be a challenge!
But I'm sure you can do it!!

'Jia You!'

Anonymous said...

so would we see an entry in italian soon then? :P

mumbley said...

1 euro! Not cheap leh! Why don't you have a positive reinforcement get back your 1 euro if you speak italian throughout for the next day?

Wah leow...if I fine my students the equivalent of 1 euro for speaking Singlish, they'd lose weight lo! :)

Unknown said...

I also prefer a positive reinforcement, but minus all kinds of fines. Coming from a fine city, I don't need another one! :-D

Anonymous said...

If your celebration is recorded, would you publish it here? I would love to get a glimpse of this event and I'm sure I'm not alone ... : )


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