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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fine With Me!

The four 'carabinieri' that were suppose to catch and fine us for speaking anything other than Italian has eased off much... :-D

One of the assigned had never the intention of catching anyone as he didn't subscribe to this idea of reinforcement and so, never bothered with this. The other had great difficulties in getting to speak coherently in Italian and therefore never bothered to grab Euros from our brothers. It's coming to the third day of this situation and somehow the effect has been a more negative one as lesser people among are actually talking at all! (ya, I can hear you all laughing there...) We use to get very animated and noisy during meals as we exchange greetings, jokes and sharings in all tongues, including Italian as we explore and experiment the language we were sent here to learn. Now, when we have to speak in our mother tongue, we whisper and as much as we could, we would not to speak if we can help it! *shake head*

I, for one, have never any inclination for such a reinforcement. As how we were, before the fines, we were already enjoying ourselves with the exploration of the language and needn't any reminders of why we need to pick up this language as we know it is a necessity/must, especially for the most of us who are taking up courses in the Urbaniana University. Me, I am taking this so that I can survive in Rome conversationally.. ;-)

Anyway, here is one fratello who is taking all this in his stride. He is from one of the former French colony of a Western African country now called Benin. Dieudonne N'tcha is resplendent in his native African casuals with a green outlook that guarantees to drive away those 'fine blues' and put a smile back onto enjoying what we were originally here for! Meanwhile, I am still looking for another chance to reacquaint myself with some gelato and don't want to wait for any fines to enjoy one! :-D

Ciao e ci vediamo!

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