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Thursday, July 12, 2007

To Break The Language Barrier!

Well, it has already been 2 weeks since we came to Terni and lessons are getting into full swing as we dwelve deeper into the language that we have grudgingly adopted as our lingua for our studies here.

Our two professoressa (Laura and Chinzia) has been very kind and patient with all of us as they slowly put us through our paces to acquaint ourselves to the various ways of conversing and listening in Italian. Much of what we had learned thus far has been confined to 'Come va?', 'Come sta?', 'Bene', 'Grazie', some major definite articles, verbs and adjectives, for most of us.

Myself, whom have already gone through most of what we are learning, because of the 2-month Basic Italian Course by the Italian Cultural Institute in Singapore, found this a refresher and also a much needed kickstart to speaking more of the language here. However, there is big difference when I start to speak, as the word and sentences do not come out freely or easily as I need to form them in my mind in English firstand I mostly fail to engage in a decent conversation I can be satisfied with. :-P I still have a long way to go!...

Last weekend was a break from all this as we headed down to the town center on Sunday to concelebrate Mass with the Bishop of Terni, Vincenzo Paglia. He is a jovial and affable person who knows how to put a person or strangers/foreigners like us at ease with his easy smile and warm open handshake. He also knows how to use the occasion to promote some publicity for his office, as he engaged a local TV crew to film the occasion. I happened to be included in a short clip which was shown over the TV here last Sunday afternoon over the news! :-D

Meanwhile, due to lack of opportunities for any sort of blading here because there are no proper places/roads or lanes, and that I also did not bring my blades, I have resorted to jogging again. Running a little around the area here helped my bowel problem somewhat and also keep my weight in checked! ;-) The food here can really put on those pounds rather quickly, if I am not careful and remain lethargic or lazy about exercises. I have also resorted to taking long walks with some brother priests, especially during the late afternoons when it is much cooler.

For now, it's business as usual. Not even the recent Motu Proprio on the Tridentine Mass by Pope Benedict caused any ripple here as we are utterly unaffected by it and more interested in getting through our Italian without cracking our heads first! :-)

So, keep yourselves well and ciao!


Anonymous said...

cranberry juice?? that should solve the bowel problem... :P

Anonymous said...

can oso...

but here have other substitute drinks that do the job just as well!;-)

just that jogging helps to loosen everything and a good way to clear my mind a bit... :-)


Anonymous said...

I read that St Valentine was the first bishop of Terni. Have you had a chance to visit the basilica?


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