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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Interim Time: Seminary, Ponggol

The stars over here at the Seminary are more pronounced!
I am now staying here while waiting for my departure on the 25th June. While here, I am enjoying the solitude and peace which I have not experience since, oh, the day I left this place for the parish some 4 years ago. :-D

I finally could take a dip in the pool whose water was clear and lukewarm after the day's heat was over with it. The weather was overcast and looked liked it was going to have a storm. I can see the clouds rolling in and the thunderheads were clearly making its presence felt. As I lay in the pool soaking in the coolness and quiet around me (nobody's around as it is the term break here, except perhaps the seminary staff and the formators), I could, for the first time in a long time ever, feel the sense of total relaxation creep all over me as I savour the total peacefulness around me. Heavenly!

Oh, I am able to do up this entry because they have a room with Internet access. This is a far cry from when I first came in here and the only computer then was a Intel 2 machine and only for word processing purposes! :-D

Anyway, I have already unpacked and put all my stuff into the room allocated for them during the 2-year absence from here. Most of what I have to do now is just to slowly enjoy the last remaining days here without having to worry about any church responsibilities or people to deal with. :-) I do have a few last loose ends to do, though, and then I am on my way!

Meanwhile, I shall enjoy some well earned R&R! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fr Aloy,

nice to hear that you are back @the seminary. Like to check if the black dog is still there?

Unknown said...

yes, betsy is here and is still pawing around :-)

Anonymous said...

Are you working on a "wake up, buck up and get your act together" message for your farewell sermon at Holy Fam this coming Sunday? :-)

Young Minstrel said...

Nat raved to me u left a comment in her eyes went as big as dinner plates ; wait for 2008 for de phone..hopefully have IMPROVISED version, waste of $ if not, anyway..not worth the buy in US

Anonymous said...

Fr Aloysius, this Sunday is your "Operation Get-up-N-go" mass. Too bad Neophates cannot attend as we are having our retreat, and the core-team will probably "double lock and guard all entrances" to ensure that no one sneak out! :-(

Proud to be baptise by you during Easter, but too bad that you cannot see us through in our confirmation since you will already be in THE place!

Enjoy your stay and study! God bless you!


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