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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Interim Time: Last Night

This is the last night here which I am writing this. Tomorrow I take the 11 a.m. bus back to Singapore and continue the rest of my story there... :-P

It has been a rather pleasant and peaceful timeout here with the family and the naughty nephews. It would be about two years later when I shall see them again, God willing! The thought of leaving again in this short time that I am here, after my exodus from the Holy Family, Katong parish is like a replay and though understandable, always not without its tinge of sadness and feeling of uncertainty.

Well, this is another chapter ending with a new one to look out for! It's all quiet now and everyone is winding down for the night. Tomorrow, another day beckons. I hope the bus that I am on will get me back in one piece! :-D

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Fr Aloy,
Guess you have had a safe journey and now back at Holy Family! ;)

How come you didnt stay back longer?

2 yrs - its long, but will you have some holiday during the 2 yrs of study where you can go back to Mysia?

Or maybe ask yr family go visit you in Rome?

But come to think abt it, all these would cost money!?!

Anyway, have a good rest and see ya around in church!

Regards! :)


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