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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Interim Time: KL Jam!

I never knew, well I do know, but never to underestimate to this extend, just how fortunate we all really are with regards to the efficiency that is of Singapore and the way things can really get done there without loss of any comfort or inconvenience.

I spent slightly more than 2 hours trying to get my return bus ticket bought today and spent those hours maneuvering through the legendary KL traffic jams, uncooperating taxis, huge crowds, jam packed commuter trains and inter-city buses. It was utter madness! This is the same city that promotes shopping and niceties which supposedy accompany any visitor to town. Well, this is one town you better avoid on any day! :-P Did get my ticket in the end, but dread the return trip there later on Wednesday when I have to drop there again to board the bus at Pudu...

The most irritating part of it all was that after making that trip all the way there, my dad had to suggest that perhaps we could go to PJ instead to get another bus ticket as it may be a lot easier to head there and avoid this jam to board the bus instead... *shake head* *deep, deep breath* *1, 2, 3, ...*

Anyway, after the day's fiasco, the rain brought much needed coolness to the day and soothe tempers somewhat. The nephews have thankfully gone back and left the apartment in a relatively calmer disposition! :-D It also rained just about the time when I was watching my old favourite "Twister" on the DVD. That made the atmosphere all the more intense and almost 'in-the-face' when the movie played out its storm factor!

Now, all is calm and the neighbourhood is settling down for the night as it prepares for another day.Tomorrow is back to school for the children here. I shall have to face my last few weeks in Singapore tying up whatever loose ends that need attention too. It's going to be a hectic week ahead... :-P

(a view of the n'hood below from my brother's bedroom of the apartment)


Anonymous said...

Small suggestion: next time, buy a return bus ticket Spore-KL-Spore, if your travel dates are fixed.

Saves a lot of bother!

Fr Iggy gave a good sermon yesterday at the 11:15am mass in Holy Family. Kept the lot of us awake!

Unknown said...

Fr Iggy is a good replacement for a better perspective and diverse look at the homilies coming from Holy Family, Katong! ;-)

Young Minstrel said...


Fr Iggy Peranakan, good place for him to settle there, also cakapcakapdanmakanmakanbanyak..lagi gemok..happy lah he.. ;p

Anonymous said...

I bet to differ.. Fr aloy..

Fr. Cary chan better.. lots of things to eat in katong.. maybe i he will balloon after he comes here.. oopss.. sorry Fr. gary.. dun mean it..

Anonymous said...

Personally I feel somone who is good in mandarin.. to come here.. somebody like Fr. Henry Siew..or thomas lim (OCD) as most catholic parishes lack real good mandarin speaking priests. or good in bilingual..

others. to consider.. Fr. Damien dewind..Paul Yeo.. (very powerful voice and strong homilies, very drama, John Bosco P, Adrian Anthony..gerald Veerakoon, Peter Wee (Cssr) very reverence in daying mass..

did i miss out others..


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