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Monday, June 04, 2007

Get Up and Go #4

Finally completed my project to get up and go from the parish of Holy Family... :-D

After vacating the office and the quarters upstairs, I left for Kajang on the Aeroline coach service with a journey that took about 5 hours in all. It was a little cloudy when the bus left Singapore and along the way as it got nearer towards KL, it began to rain.

Having to leave the parish after 4 years there has been a little sad. I would miss the East Coast setting with the food, the beach, the parishioners and the Katong lifestyle that is so unique and at the same time diverse. I can understand how some priests can get rather emotional with leaving their parish after being there for so many years! :-P Getting all those farewell wishes after the last official mass that Sunday, shaking hands and wishing one another farewell can leave one's eyes a little moist... ;-)

So, here I am now at my family's place and just enjoying the last few weeks of rest and consolidation before flying off to another part of the world. Heaps of thanks go out to all who have send in their best wishes and prayers. Life carries on, so let us face the future together and see what we can transform together, regardless of distance and time!


Rod Steward said...

It is good to be reunited with ones family. Do enjoy those moments before you make your way to Rome. You will be in our prayers daily. God bless!
Agatha and Bernard Fernando

Anonymous said...

It's only normal if you teared, Father for we are humans with emotions! I would also tear if i was in yr shoes!
Anyway, enjoy your time with your loved ones!!

mumbley said...

Have a good rest with your family before it's onward to the eternal city! Good luck! Put some nice photos of Rome on your blog too k? Was glad I managed to catch you to say bye on Sunday evening! Even if I had to leave the car in the middle of the road in church for that! :)

Anonymous said...

Fr. it would be nice meeting you one day. I reside in PJ. Ag


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