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Friday, June 01, 2007

Get Up And Go #3

The office has been vacated for the new replacement to the parish to use and I am almost clear with all the packing. I spend the whole of yesterday, together with two other friends, packing things from the office. I just had all the boxes send out this afternoon to the another friend's place where he will store them in the factory space which he has.

That leaves my clothings and other miscellaneous that will end up at my godmother's place for the duration of my studies. They will go out by tomorrow morning. So, after all these, I am all ready to vacate the parish and on to a fresh start in the life of being a student - of sorts... :-D

This weekend's Catholic News highlighted on the movement of three priests, namely Fr Luke, Fr Brian and myself. Our nice mugshots graced the front page of the paper and the word is therefore out concerning our new postings/transfers. Meanwhile, there have been a lot of speculation as to who will come into Holy Family to replace me. For now, we'll have to wait till the 4th June to confirm his presence. Still, that did not stop many 'seers' who made predictions as to who he might be. Whoever they have place their bets on, I am sure my replacement would make a worthy substitute that may bring added value and good to the parish.


Anonymous said...

although I'm not a parishioner of Holy family.. I do go there for week day masses.. Fr. Aloysius gave an insight to what seminary life is about in the book "called and choseN?"

He gives a very articulative on the seminary formation and life in the semianry. I've enjoyed his vocation story together with the others as well.. especially Frs. John Bosco Peirera and Joachim Chang.

I wish Fr. Aloyius Ong and Fr. Brian De Souza and all other priests going for studies in Rome or elsewhere all the best.. "God's Speed with You!

Anonymous said...

Replacements? Lets'see..


who?? any guess?

Anonymous said...


Fr. Erbin? is he back from studies? not yet? then out..

Fr. damian de wind?
Fr. Cary Chan?

who then? Yr guess is as good as mine??

Anonymous said...

We'll sure miss you Fr Aloy, though seperated by hills, oceans, lakes, mountains, byways, valleys, cities, towns ... we'll always know where to find you

.. on this blog lah

Anonymous said...

Was fun packing.. sure beats sitting down to a ten course dinner, cos instead of putting on weight, we had a good workout .... will miss you lots.....

Anonymous said...

Hi, Fr Aloy

I attended the 11:15am Mass at Holy Family today (Sunday, June 3). That was a really good sermon you gave on the Trinity. And some good advice in your farewell remarks - especially on "behaving oneself"!

And, btw, are you saying a "farewell" mass at Holy Fam on Sunday, June 24, 11:15am? I seem to recall that you made an announcement on this a couple of weeks back, but I may be mistaken.

I wish you all the best for your studies in Rome. I do hope you manage to find some good Peranakan food there! And keep in touch through this blog.

If my wife and I do come to Rome, we will try and drop in to say "hello".

Cheers and God Bless!

Rod Steward said...

Dear Fr Aloysius
Thanks for your sermon and appearance today. Many were touched by yopur words and those of Fr Patrick about you. My wife Agatha misses you and keeps mentioning your name often. We both hope that you will be well and take everything in your stride. Once again we repeat what we said earlier: Do take care of yourself, be happy and God will do the rest like HE has always done for us. Do keep your blog updated soi that we may keep in touch with you and know that you will be OK.
God bless and we love you.
Agatha and Bernard Fernando

Anonymous said...

Dropping by your strangely unfamiliar looking office (without the toys and all) today... suddenly it becomes so real that you're leaving.

Boo hoo hoo! :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very good sermon on the Holy Trinity this last weekend. Will never forget your analogy of the apple :)

Also to let you know that I'm really touched by the extra mile you took to bless the congregation (downstairs and upstairs) with the holy water on Pentecost Sunday!

Thank you for everything and wishing you God's blessings in abundance!

Anonymous said...

Father Aloysius:
it's so sad to see you leave..but anyways...
thank you for everything you've done for Holy Family and thank you for being 'the better priest' to us...
i wish you good luck and may God be with you throughout your journey...
thank you once again...
(frm:maya(Holy Family)

ClappingTrees said...

Congrats, Fr Aloysius! Read about your upcoming studies in Rome. Wish I could go too!

By the way, may I invite you to join an online network that I've set up for social media users (this includes bloggers) in Asia? Come share with your insights on how online social media could be better used!


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