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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Amen and May the Force Be with You!

I guess it had to happen. The situation begs that questions too. I have been putting this off for many reasons and one obvious one is that I never want to really spend too much time to dwell on a subject that I wasn't concern about. Then, too, I was busy with both packing and carrying on with normal duties in the parish that is really impossible to pull through without some divine gift of patience and understanding for the community I am still serving :-P

The query was: what are my thoughts concerning my impending studies in Rome?

Firstly, it is a welcome break from the helter-skelter of parish life and signals a significant transition to another portion of life that is both exciting and yet challenging. Yes, I will certainly miss the people and place that I have served for the past four and half years as seminarian, deacon and priest here. :-) Looking back at all that has transpired and experienced, I can only say that my continued existent thus far is only because of the works, inspiration, power and generosity of the Holy Spirit.

Secondly, two incredible items popped up this year, as if to remind me that I have to move on and that God is still with me, regardless of my failings and other faults, to take me towards the reality of who I am to be. My response to all these is a quiet assent that comes in only two syllables: A-men!

One item is the returning to the night skies where I am once again made (painfully, I must say...) aware of, is the constellation Crux or the Southern Cross. This particular constellation was crucial and played a significant role that led me to my current vocation. Now it is placed brilliantly in the southern heavens that twinkle back at me saying, "It's time to go!". The other item is the 30th anniversary of Star Wars since its inception way back on 25th May 1977. That was an incredible movie that started all this moving leading me to a life that I never expected at all.

Now these two signposts of my fairly colorful life are back that beckon me to Rome. What can I say but "Amen, may the force be with me!" ;-)

So, yes, I am sad to have to move on, to have to uproot and go. Yet, I am hopeful for what the future holds, despite its uncertainties and potential problems it can throw at me. This is because a friend said to me that I need not fear the unknown when I have a God who is Known. :-)

Perhaps it is true when we say that good things never last. Yet, even when the vase is broken, the sweet smell of the roses remain and those will be the memories that I take with me in appreciation and gratitude for all the goodness that is shared and experienced at the parish of Holy Family.

It has been an enriching stay and as mentioned or implied in Scriptures, nothing gets wasted with God, whatever the life or situations!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fr Aloy :-)

Still remember us?been through the St Cyril RCIA with you and e rest, and e only indonesian at that time hehe remember?

Been reading your blog and we like it very much.It gives us inspirations and strength to carry our own crosses in life :-)

Its sad to hear that you are leaving the parish for Rome,but we wish you the best of luck there and we will keep you in prayers. Take care and we gonna miss you Father..:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fr. Aloysius, you are so down to earth. It's normal to feel sad and sometimes its harder to let go and be detached. Life must move on ....., and I am sure God has a better plan in store for you :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Father!

Sorry you got no tag-board, so here's my comment!

Your sermon's so cool today, i really love the apple analogy and it really made alot of beautiful to find the analogy of the Great Trinity in such a simple fruit! The discoveries of life...ahhh...Enjoy yourself and stay cool and sane! hee hee!

ClappingTrees said...

Wow! A literal sign from heaven. Thanks for sharing this. By the way, there are two items. I seem to get only one: the Southern Cross. What's the other?


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