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Saturday, April 28, 2007

In Control

Since yesterday, I have done a baptism, confirmation, anointing and a wedding to three different sets of people under three very different settings.

One was dying and in Changi Hospital, and had expressed her wish to be baptised. Her immediate family had no objections. She had apparently been to Novena quite regularly together with her sister, a Catholic. Her sister got in touch with her daughter who was recently baptised through our parish's RCIA a couple of years ago seeking her help in this matter. She approached me and I saw to the baptism yesterday followed by the confirmation and anointing rites for the dying person.

Then, today, I had to attend to an anointing at the same hospital but this tie round for an elderly gentleman who is in a coma now. There was nothing much we can do for him and I let the rite speak for itself, especially to the family members keeping watch, of God's consolation and care during this difficult moment.

At 11.00 a.m. I had to convalidate a marriage for a Filipino couple who only had their marriage done in the ROM. It was a simple marriage rite done outside of Mass with their small gathering of friends who joined in the special occasion.

The different settings and emotional aspect of these events that flow by in a spate of some 20 hours or so are so fascinating that I can spend hours sitting down, catching my breath and reflecting on each of them! Accept for the wedding, I know I had felt, firstly, when these things were put on me to handle, great level of agitation :-P Like - why me?! But I left the question hanging in midair as I know it is utterly useless and wasteful to 'find fault' with others or things that are out of everyone's control.

Maybe that's our problem. We like to be in control all the time...

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Melanie said...

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