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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Marching Orders

The day has finally arrived...

I have been holding back on making this known as there were uncertainties and no confirmation on what will take place yet - until now. The time has come to take a bow and pack my bags for another phase of life that will call me out of this parish and, for a while, even out of the country.

I have just been given marching orders to pick up studies in Rome. Yes, the eternal city itself! I was first told of this and to prepare for it earlier this year. It comprised of having to take up a course in Spirituality. It wasn't naturally my first choice but, hey, because the course is in English, I am not complaining. My other choosing, Dogmatic Theology, would have me slogging it out in Italian...

The deal is for me to do the Spirituality course in Rome's Angelicum University and after 2 years, to come back and be consigned into our local Seminary to train/torment/form/<insert own adjective here> the seminarians for an indefinite time frame.

It is therefore a farewell to the parish that I have been in the past four and a half years *sniff* Before you all say, "crocodile tears!", let me assure you that it was still 4+ years of good exposure and experience in all things a parish can do to a priest which I will not forget in a long, long time. Really!

I am schedule to leave the country and travel halfway to the other part of the western world on the 25th June 2007. Now, I am in the midst of packing and getting all the necessary documentations and forms done up so that I can leave the country and get there in one piece without:
a. being mistaken as a terrorist
b. having to be put through a strip search at the airports
c. loosing any of my baggage
d. being mistaken as an illegal immigrant
e. losing any sleep on where to go and how, when I get there

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and my days are numbered here in Holy Family. The following entries to come will chronicle my remaining days of, perhaps, hectic activity to get ready for the departure and hopefully be a peaceful one!

My replacement? I'm sure we all will know in due time! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Father, all the best for your study. God bless...!! A bit sad, of course...Does that mean this blog will not be updated anymore when you are already there...? Or will you have another blog..? =)

Anonymous said...

All the best to you Fr. By chance, I bumped into your blog doing a google search and have since enjoyed reading your postings for the last one year or so. All I can say is the pieces are very down to earth, very human. I hope you will continue blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hi Father, reading your last post reminds me of our farwell to Fr Ignatius at Holy Cross almost 2 years back. All the best in your studies and yes, I do hope you continue to blog for your posts have helped me (and I am sure many others) through life. Take care and peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Father, I started reading your blogs some months back and has since enjoyed reading them (the older posts as well). All the best to your studies and continue blogging :p

guntrain said...

Hi Fr, though I'm not from your present parish, I really enjoyed reading your meaningful posts. Pray that you will persevere thruough yr studies and hope you will continue blogging (whenever you hv the time). Your blogs have been an inspiration. God bless..

Anonymous said...

Aw man! You're leaving so soon? Sob! Sob! You'll definitely be missed. Thanx for the memories, especially for being a part of our special day. Do take care! And all the best for your studies. Cheers to you Father Aloysius!


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