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Monday, April 23, 2007


After a week of being away, I wasn't too in a hurry to come back to face the office where the paperwork piled up for my attention... :-P

But back to work I must.

It was a good week away as I gathered with the other priests from Malaysia and Brunei to update on our ministries and to soak in the sights, sounds and people of Keningau where all this took place. The gathering is an annual affair for priests who are 5 years or less in their ministry. Hence, the term 'young' in 'Young Priests' Gathering'. ;-) For most of us, in terms of age and activity, we are pushing the mid-40s and feeling a tad 'old'...

But the stay and session at Keningau was a little morale booster and good eye-opener for all as we experienced the warthm and generosity of the people whose standards of living may be much lower than ours yet still find time to welcome us and give thanks to God for all the blessings and grace that came from our visit.

While we had our own sessions to update on our ministries, especially with the item on pastoral issues regarding marriage, the engaging landscape and people of Keningau were breathtaking enough to get our attention in how they live, work and, yes, played! :-D

All in all, the time spent there and the effort put in by the organisers were a testimony to the generosity and graciousness of God who continues to show us that life is not at all meaningless but one that is full of surprises, even in the midst of lack and uncertainties we face in life.

I wonder why I came back?.... ;-)

(more pictures here)

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