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Sunday, April 01, 2007


I have cleared a week of oral diarrhoe from all those confessions that, when put together, are enough to give anyone instant cancer and heart attack in one go! :-P

Despite those trying moments, it was a sort of sweet surrender savouring the very act of being able to be a conduit of God's forgiveness for all those penitents that came to receive that unconditional love which only He can give. It doesn't matter whether their disposition in receiving that love were perfect or not. It is just plain reassuring to know that SOMEONE cares even if no one here gives a damn...

And speaking of caring, the newspaper today was highlighting on the plight of maids who do not get enough to eat for their daily sustenance and end up going hungry for the rest of the day, daily! To think that in a civil and modern society like Singapore, we can have employers who treat domestic helpers like slaves and objects for abuse! What's even more in-the-face is this giant size poster just outside Katong Mall where a maid agency advertises for maids services and blatantly provides those that work for no leave at all, and all these for low pay! *sheesh* This one was previously mentioned by before and till now the ad and the agency are still going strong with this service.

You'd think that after all that great strides in fair working standards and living for foreign workers and crackdowns on errant Singaporeans who mistreat their domestic workers (for whatever reasons they may have), we can have a conversion of hearts on how we treat other fellow human beings. The news recent news report and this sign outside the Mall remains a critical indictment on our lack of hospitality and service that point to a disturbing trend of an already consumerist and utilitarian society. Only this time persons are being made the object... *shake head*

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