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Monday, March 26, 2007


The week for the penitential services has begun and I had the 'honor' to hear the confessions of the first penitents from OLPS. We finished everything within one hour and that doesn't mean we just quickly dispensed them away with the absolution. Despite this form of confession/reconciliation, care was still taken to hear the penitents and gently guided them to amendments in their lives before the absolution was unconditionally bestowed.

If the sin(s) concerned are very grave, they may be addressed later in private with the confessor outside of this service. The same is expected at all our penitential services for the East District. We have, for today, two more services at OLPS, i.e. at 7pm and 9pm. It's going to be a long night! :-P

Ahead in my schedule is the coming Palm Sunday and Holy Week. It is going to be a very busy week ahead not to mention tiring too! I don't mind the work and activity involved but my pet peeve during this week are the phone calls from people inquiring about the services and mass times :-P And this is despite all the announcements given in our church bulletins the past weeks and in the Catholic News... *shake head*

Anyway, with regards the matter of the remote, I consider this case close. Just too silly and time-wasting talking about it...


Anonymous said...

Father ... not long after confession i lost my temper again. Why is it so hard not to hurt others and to forgive them when they say sorry?

Unknown said...

it is hard becos we chose to be so! it's our choice whether we want to be as we say we want to be or not...

don't give up. keep working at it and you'll eventually get the hang of it - doing good that is ;-)


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