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Monday, February 05, 2007


Another week just past and we move ever closer to the Chinese New Year that embraces the Pig for its celebration! :-P

I was speaking yesterday to our secretary at the office and we were looking at the series of funerals which we have been getting recently and she made a comment that there seems to be a trend as to the bulk of these which tend to occur around the following period (where Holy Family is concerned, that is): just before Lent and during Easter Octave. How true is that, still remains to be seen. What is happening now is that we, concerned, have to follow through with the necessary procedures and rites with the help of the relevant funeral ministers and neighbourhood groups.

Our funeral ministers now are down to just two, who alternate to run around, doing the legwork and coordinating all the necessary arrangements between the priest/office and the bereaved family. Two ministers only! And we have requests for such funerals that can come in at any time. The office once had to contact a neighbourhood rep to get a prayer group to go over for prayers for a wake nearby their area.

The rep complained that he had to rush this as he didn't have time, all this being so sudden and that the next round this should be made known earlier! Well, my friend, the next time I go on my rounds to anoint the sick and/or dying, I shall duly informed the dying person to give us a call the minute before he/she leaves our plane of existence... (or do they have any phones attached to the casket, I wonder?)

what have we lost for the sake of convenience?... *sigh*

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Kate said...

Well the Chinese New Year is coming up shortly..and lets hope that it is filled with fun and's a wonderful time and a wonderful celebration with friends and family...well also do drop by my blog sometime and share some of the fun and laughter it's filled up with!!!


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