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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wedding Poser

Someone commented that I still look rather young and aging don't seem to be showing so obviously. That was after another person asked if I ever dyed my hair (in an attempt to cover the grey hairs), to which I replied that I never dye my hair to whatever colour as I believe in aging gracefully, come what may!

So, I asked if he would like join the priesthood as the 'fountain of youth' may be present there! ;-) He hasn't given a reply yet...

The persons in question are members of the choir that assisted at this morning's wedding Mass which I presided. The couple which were married were generous with their ang pows too as they gave to all who had, in one way or another, helped in the wedding ceremony. That included the sacristan and the altar servers. The minimum given out was $50.00! When I received the red packet, I was already grateful for the gift. I didn't realised I had received a slightly different amount from the rest until I opened mine. Let's just say, it was very generous... ;-)

By the way, my tummy now is much better but still a little sore from the ordeal of the past two days. Some off the shelf medication from Guardian helped to relieve the distress. I can breathe a little easy now :-)

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