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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Am Writing With A Bowel Problem...

I've got bowel problem!

My tummy was rather uncomfortable and tight the past two days that I feel as though my intestines are all knotted up inside! :-P

No, that's not the reason why I haven't been blogging the past weeks either. Work and other distractions kept me busy that I couldn't find the opportunity to put in some decent entries concerning the goings-on in Katong Church.

Meanwhile, the entry about the 'communion miracle' has been taken a life of its own as its news worthiness seem to have spread like wildfire over the emails and Internet among the Catholics in, around and outside of the Katong area. A flurry of emails have been circulating giving note to this particular story which seem to excite and further promote the understanding of the Eucharist. How this will eventually play out remains to be seen. For now, it is comforting to note that God is with us... ;-)

I made a trip to the Science Center last week with some friends and visited the Observatory. Pity that night the cloud over over Jurong was rather heavy so much of the excitement and fun were taken out form the star-gazing that night. But we did gain some insights concerning the topic on solar and lunar eclipse. There was a session on that earlier at their lecture hall conducted by the president of TASOS (The Astronomical Society of Singapore). If you are interested, you can drop by their website and have a look for current activities to participate. :-) The observatory's Pentax 16"telescope can be seen here and is, currently, the largest in the SEA region.

I am now within the time frame where it is the period of preparation for the baptism as the date to Easter gets closer. The catechumens are being interviewed around this two weeks (with my bowel problems and all! ), recollection to prepare and reminding them to get a good godparent. So far, these bunch are very keen and committed to their coming baptism. We have two candidates who will be received into the church.

Finally, I know that there people who are really looking for any job that can help them stay alive or to cover expenses but this one from seems to take prize! So, if you really are that desperate, you may want to check it out! ;-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fr. Aloy...always so interesting and nice seeing you sitting on the sofa outside your room every Thursday watching all of us going for classes... smiling to each and everyone, waiting for a return smile.... :-)

from: one of the "keen and committed catechumens committed to the coming baptims"


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