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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Can an ordinary and common item bring out so much of a human emotion in the sometimes tragedy of life?...

Chrysanthemum Flower Bed
菊 花 散(Ju Hua Tai)

ni de lei guang rou rou zhong dai sha
The light from your tears carries a bit of hurt in the delicateness

can bai de yue wan wan gou zhu guo wang
The deathly pale curved moon hooked to the past

ye tai man chang ning jie cheng le shuang
The night is too long forming into frost

shi shui zai ge lou shang bing leng de jue wang
Who is in the attic? The ice-cold hopelessness

yu qing qing dan zhu hong se de chuang
The rain lightly rebounds off the vermilion red window

wo yi sheng zai zhi shang bei feng chui luan
My whole life on the paper has been blown into a mess by the wind

meng zai yuan fang hua cheng yi lu xiang
The dream is in the distance changes into a trace of fragrance

sui feng piao san ni de mo yang
With the wind dispersing your appearance

*ju hua can man di shang ni de xiao rong yi fan huang
The chrysanthemum flower is ruined, hurt all over the ground, your smile has already turned yellow

hua luo ren duan chang wo xin shi jin jin tang
The flowers fall, people are heartbroken, my worries quietly dripping

bei feng luan ye wei yang ni de ying zi jian bu duan
The north wind is disorderly, the night is not finished yet, your shadow cannot be cut

tu liu wo gu dan zai hu mian sheng shuang
Leaving me with loneliness on the surface of the lake becoming a couple*

hua yi xiang wan piao luo le can lan
The flower, it is already night fall floating downwards glittering

diao xie de shi dao shang ming yun bu kan
Languishing in the way of the world, fate cannot bear

chou muo du jiang qiu xin chai liang ban
Sad, don't cross the river, Heart and Autumn broken into two halves

pa ni shang bu liao an yi bei zi yao huang
I'm scared you can't get to shore, faltering for a lifetime

shui de jiang shan ma ti sheng kuang luan
Whose Country? The sound of horse's hooves is hysterical

wo yi shen de rong zhuang hu xiao cang sang
I'm wearing martial attire roaring with the convulsions of nature

tian wei wei liang ni qing sheng de tan
The sky is slightly light, you softly sigh

yi ye chou chang ru ci wei wan
Melancholy in one night such suave and moving


Something about the song above that speaks of a destiny that leads to a tragic fate. Never mind the translation and the grammar - it is still a little unpolished. I like this piece, though, from Jay Chou sung with the backing of a Chinese orchestra mixed in with modern synch and other accompaniment which heightens the emotions that are evoked through the lyrics already soaked with sadness rendered by a seemingly common flower whose drink we take for granted every day... ;-)


Natasha Yong said...

is this by any chance from "The Curse of the Golden Flower"? That show was corny... :)

Unknown said...

hahahaha! oner person's flower is another's corn! yes, it's the golden flower movie....

Unknown said...

for an alternative version of the song presentation can see here too! :-)


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