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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Bites

Ok, so we have now gone into the a new year and new opportunities to look out for. For one, the first thing annbody need to do now is to begin to get use to write 2, 0, 0, 7 especially on their cheque books where the date is concern. ;-)

Another is this new found fame - or bane - that came along with an innocuous letter to the editor of the Catholic News that highlighted one of my homily which is also on its webpage link. I had given this copy of the homily to a parishioner who then decided to have this publicised in the CN. I've gotten people and friends coming up to me congratulating my fame for having been the first priest to have his homily mentioned in this manner and in such a public setting too! :-P Nope, you won't get that link here as I am not in the business of promoting this item! You just have to read the CN paper and get to their webpage link from there :-D

Anyway, since the new year began, we've gone through the parish feast day, started out on the process to call for new members to the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) from members of the congregation in the Open Category section and sending off a confrere (Fr Carlo Ly) as he leaves his earthly existence for somewhere much better with the One who called him...

Fr Carlo's funeral was well attended by many who knew him through his 33 years of service over at Queen of Peace. The funeral mass was just about an hour and a half with two eulogies that highlighted the simple and prayerful shepherd that Fr Carlo was to his flock. As another priest goes off to receive his eternal rewards, that sort of decreases the number of us in the playing field of the Lord in the Archdiocese of Singapore. With vocations to the priesthood not likely to jump in leaps and bounds for the next five years, I really wonder how the scene will be next few years ahead?...

Meanwhile, I shall be waiting for clear skies and just put my trusty telescope to good use and scan the heavens for some signs! ;-)

1 comment:

it's all about ~fjm said...

hey father... when you wanna scan through the sky dun forget to ask me ahhh! you know my cell phone number

~fjm outta......


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