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Saturday, November 18, 2006


The sky is a little overcast tonight and the entire southern and western nightsky are obscured due to the clouds that are in the area. I thought I could just take the scope out for a spin early tonight to try out my new purchase of the 5mm wide angle Stratus lens. I may need a while to see what that lens can do. A cursory glance at the skies also saw some lightning flashes in the distance that may signal rain later. :-P

We are also moving towards the end of another liturgical cycle and Christmas is, again, just around the corner. On account of what is happening within the Church calendar and movement in the celebration, the homily which I gave today seemed rather poignant for myself as I see in that, most of what I need to do in order to prepare well for death or the Second Coming, whichever comes first! ;-)

A lot of probable tinge of death and decay is around to remind me that I am a mortal having a limited life span. The readings this Sunday speaks of the end times and how ready are we in looking towards that day of days. The choices we make will shape our judgement when we come face-to-face with our Maker. It just made me stop and reflect at my 42 years of existence and after seeing where I have arrived at now, I can only shake my head in disbelievement! :-P

How did I ever make it this far?...

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Holy Drummer said...

You know what, *fral*? I have a confession -

It was of no coincidence that I had to listen to your homily twice. Not that I was forced to.

First time round on sat evening it didn't hit me because I was so turned off - even ministering in Church do throw one's focus off the Word of God sometimes; the irony, I know.

And this morning before 9:15, I had thought - "same homily again".

But it turned to be a rude - but necessary - awakening for me and it highlighted the stark reality of it all.

The need to question ourselves and ponder, time and time again -

What is it that really matters,

In the end?

To let you know - I was disturbed and have since been deliberating over a particular point in the homily, but we will have the chance over the week. =D

P.S: Can forward the homily over? And by the way, you said 'my name would be written in heaven'? Well, so would yours! *wink*

Thanks, *fral* & have a good week ahead.




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