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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Best Part! ...

I get to go and do an office blessing this morning. It was pleasantly warm and the breeze was light as I walked to the place towards the Joo Chiat and East Coast Road traffic junction. Gerry greeted me at the entrance where the lift was that brought us to the second floor.

Her husband, Edmund, just opened business (in partnership with 3 others) in the graphic design business whose clients include some top names in the comics (DC Comics) and computer gaming industry. The office from the outside glass door seemed unassuming and quiet. But, what lay inside was a feast to any toy collector's, gamer's and comics aficionado's eye! It is also the office where Mr Brown does his podcast! Woah!

So after the blessing, I get to have a go at the 'famous' (again...) seat in the studio where the recordings are done. I also get to meet 'real' imaginary friends!

'What's that?!' you ask. I'll let the pictures tell the story. Ok, ok, they are a little blurry (sorry! :-P) but, hey, if you use a little bit of imagination, you may just get round this... ;-)

(office blessing at Imaginary Friends Studios, East Coast Road)


noelbynature said...

that is so cool! so when are you going to star in an episode of Zhng My Parish?

Anonymous said...

woa lau father... you go there and give blessing never call me along... some more is at Mr Brow Show's Office leh... so do i ahve a chance to meet Mr Brow?
Peace out!

~fjm outta!


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