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Sunday, October 08, 2006

On A Needed Break

As I am writing this down, I am some 100+ km up north in Malaysia in the city of Kajang where I am now taking my needed two weeks break.

I have been here since the 3rd Oct and will be here till the 16th when I will head back later. While I have been here, I had journeyed up to Genting and spend three days there with my parents, my sis, Nicky (her husband) and their two children. The place there was cold (brrrr!) and the clouds covered the place most of the time!

Coming to Kajang, we were greeted by the haze that has been making its presence felt in our region the past weeks. Yesterday, it cleared a little with the view of the skies and the clouds, But today it was business as usual... :P This time the haze returned with a vengeance as the place here looked like it was all dusty and cloudy!

Wonder what tomorrow brings? Meanwhile I am filling up my time by watching DVDs, playing with my nephews and surfing the Net (since my brother has a broadband).

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Petey said...

Good to know you're enjoying your time off, Father! Stay safe and do all the things you'll never be able to do back here in Singapore!


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