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Monday, October 09, 2006

Enjoying The Moments

After about 7 days in Kajang and away from the hustle and bustle of the island state, I have so far been able to experience the laziness of doing nothing exceptionally stressing or worrisome which I have been looking forward to, since the last 6 months when I had my last break.

Today itself, I downed two DVD movies (House of Flying Daggers and Collateral), mee sua, much home cook food for dinner, and more play time with my nephews. There is also this haze that continually hangs around the neighborhood and in the air which made the weather a little dismal all round. :-P The API around KL after this evening was hovering on the bad scale with a reading of 100+ ! A good time to stay at home and relax, I say! :P

I also discovered a new game on the PC called Zuma, courtesy of my nephew, Jeremy, which became rather addicitive once I had a go at it! ;-) Jeremy is also an expert in CandC Generals and I watched him played several rounds of that game as he annihilated his enemies with gusto while I was still wondering how to get started (I am very averse to any RTS games and stay away from them like Superman from Kryptonite)! :-D He is only 5 years old, by the way...

It's been relaxing and peaceful for now and I am slowly letting the day unfold one day at a time at its own leisure while I can stil enjoy these moments... :-)

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