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Monday, September 25, 2006


It rained today. That may help with clearing the skies so that I may have a decent look at it with my 'extraordinary' telescope later which has been sitting in my office for the past week.

Meanwhile, my Latin classes continue that is probably the only fun item for the day. :-) It is a class and not a class... We are now down to 5 priests and 2 seminarians (1st Year). Most of the lessons are done with great care by our lecturer who peppers his sessions with stories of how Latin was taught in the old days and some great phrases that Latin can only provide. What we do usually do is take those phrases and use them to slime others in the class! :-D It is the only class for Monday that usually gets the most laughter eliciting from it...
I am up for the evening mass soon and the only Latin phrase that can make this pertinent now would be festina lente (hasten slowly) !

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Young Minstrel said... such combination as festina lente meh?! where got hurryhurry slowlyslowly one? only in Matrix have ah but..haaaa..? ;p


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