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Thursday, August 24, 2006

How To Destress and LOL

I am still waiting for the telescope to arrive and getting rather anxious that it is still taking so astronomically (pardon the pun!) long for it to make its appearance. :P

Meanwhile I have been consoling myself with a borrowed 7x50 binoculars to scan the skies the past night and following the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius. The irritating thing about the skies in my vicinity is that it always gets 'polluted' by the lights that are around that hit into the upper atmosphere and 'light up' the skies. I need dark, really dark skies! So, I just have to bear with whatever that shows up in the view of the binocs for the skies that we have.

This stargazing can be very therapeutic as I can let go, in a strange sort of way, all my burdens for a while as I acknowledged the great vastness off space, up there, that makes everything down here utterly small in comparison. Someone came and see me this afternoon and we chatted on what was bothering him which amounted to great work stress. He had to learn how to delegate or find a better way to work that doesn't overload his senses. What he thought that needed spiritual considerations were all more his work attitude and a better approach to his duties and responsibilities.

No, I didn't tell him to do some stargazing (though that may help!). I just spelled out some viable options for him to consider in working out a better assignment of duties with his superiors and that was that.

However, if you really want some fast relief from any stress, you could mosey along to the podcast from to see if our PM previous speech about some local vermicelli dish needs some 'hiam' or 'hum'. You may just LOL or ROTFLMAO (is that correct?)! Anyway, I still think the gahmen has ants in their pants. They are trying too hard to push for their own brand of humour (whatever that is)...

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