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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cycle of Life

Here I go again. Lamenting the usual reasons why I wasn't able to blog regularly.

But, no. I thought I'd just let this picture speak for itself. In fact, perhaps I shall let the pictures do the talking today, courtesy of Indexed. :-)

I am still awaiting for my telescope which has been delayed to the arrival at 17th September. *Uuurgh!* Meanwhile, there have been other things which have kept me busy. First, there is the usual work that always plague priests - administrative stuff! You wonder why we bother with such stuff, but no, it's there and in abundance with the amount of meetings and paperwork that accompany all this. Then again I shouldn't complain too much. There are people out there who are jobless and wouldn't mind doing some mindless job to earn some decent wage and put food on the table for their family. Or there may be some who may feel like this.

There is also the rounds of anointing I have to do especially for those who are housebound. For those of our parish who make it for next month's Anointing of the Sick Mass, we would need to visit them and see to their sacrament of anointing. I need to cover the areas of Marine Parade and a total of 18 houses to go to. At the end of it all, afterall the walking, standing, sitting, walking, standing...., I may become an invalid myself! :-D

I need to clear most of what work of appointments I have by the end of this month as I am going off for my needed break in the first two weeks of October. Then when I am really on leave and away from the plague and cycle of work, I may indulge myself in this cycle. ;-) When I am back home, I can indulge also in playing with my rascal nephews and I wouldn't be surprise at all if my sis and sis-in-law with their respective spouses are feeling a tad like this now... :-P

By the way, congratulations to my friend who gave birth recently to a cute baby boy last Tuesday! She nicknamed him "The Terror" for his voracious 'appetite'. They are having a fun time together! *laffs*

Lastly, an acute observation from indexed - why tattoos can be a branded exercise depending on where you are looking from...

Have a good day! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

You probably mean "fun".


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