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Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Heavenly Consolation

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That's my Night Half! This stargazing bug continues and for those who are interested may join my other blog and we can see if there are possibilities for a star gazing party.

Meanwhile, the past week has been very kind to me and I managed to recover from the previous hectic weeks during the recent priests' retreat. Nonetheless, since I came back, I am still being haunted by people coming in to seek handouts and I know they do that because it is easy money here and that we have been very generous in the past. That may have cause some individuals or groups to make a stab at our generosity to gain some quick buck. *sigh*

Anyway, the night sky always offer some consolation, whether it be cloudy, clear, bright or wet and rainy, because it has been singing God's symphony since it was created. What we are hearing now, if we take the time to listen, is the ongoing majestic orchestral piece that challenges our mind that is limited by only by our imagination!

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Anonymous said...

My take on this:

When Jesus was asked to heal X, Y and Z, he never asked who they were and considered if they were worthy, he just gave/healed/forgave. If there is $ in the kitty and someone askes, perhaps better to err on the side of charity and God's great love, then to second guess the request. Keep in mind, it must be hard to put on a steely face and ASK. Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I was poor and my Mother asked, and received help from a grouchy but kind old foreign priest. How we loved that Grouch for his sacrifice knew no bounds. He would give his last cup of rice, or fork and spoon or plate literally to any who asked. Mostly he just got more and more from those around him and ultimately, we all knew, from the Lord.
Oh btw, my Mother dressed neat and clean, no one wants to publicise their poverty out loud! You would never have guessed!


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