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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Anniversary of Existence

A special night this evening, being the eve of National Day and it ends with the reception of the full moon in the night skies.

It has been roughly 11 years since my conversion to being a Singaporean and entering the Seminary at the age of 30 then. I haven't looked back since then and I never regretted my decision that led me to where I am today. In all, I see the steady hand of God gently guiding my path even if I sometimes deviate a little here and there. Tomorrow, we'll have the celebration for the Wedding Milestone Anniversary mass. Like the couples who are attending this to celebrate their anniversary, I too, look back in many ways to my life anniversary of existing for the greater glory of God.

Have I been faithful? What more could I do to make relevant my contribution to God's kingdom? Am I fulfilling God's will for me? I still have much to learn... ;-)


Anonymous said...

May God Bless you as you walk in his holy will. I joined the Roman Catholic church last Easter. I love it. I do get lots of trials from my non catholic friends and family but these are my crosses I have to bear. Please pray for me too. Thank you. Mel~ Dallas,GA USA

Anonymous said...

I think the Master wants you to go to East Timor where your eyes will be opened even more. No need for extra strength spectacles or high powered lens.... JUST DO IT! *G* and God Bless and Lead you 'Along' HIS path.

Besides your strength and guidance is sorely needed.... ok ok.. you're the better alternative! *G*


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