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Friday, August 04, 2006

A Miniscule Speck

Still waiting for the telescope to arrive. The waiting is killing me! :-P

While not neglecting the goings on that abound on the ground (and what bummers they occasionally can be!), I am taken by the awesome sights that lay before us in the skies above. While anticipating the arrival of my C80ED, I have been scouting the potential areas around the parish house for places to stargaze. I have already pinpointed a few and two are above ground. They are along the 4th floor, attic landing area by Sea Avenue. :-) The others are around the carpark areas that are not obstructed by any covering/building structure.

This gradual interest in astronomy began actually with my first introduction to Sagan's Cosmos and now taking fruit today. It has come a long way to where it begins to take shape today. This is also a good way to just take a step back from all other things that are around me and take stock to see where I am now. Compared to the universe, I am only a miniscule speck!

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