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Saturday, May 13, 2006

I Can See!

After the PAP won last weekend, I decided to take a break from work a while as I gotten myself to clear up my eyes in a cataract operation.

My right eye has been causing me rather irritating blurring of vision the past months and was squinting and readjusting my sight a lot, especially during the celebration of the masses. Now that I have my vision corrected, and a week's MC I can safely say that my vision has been much better. I only need glasses later just to see further. Meanwhile, I am glad for this operation as I now need to fiddle anymore with contacts (dailies) and the conscious awareness of something foreign in my right eye. :p

I am still resting and recuperating from the eye op which took about 10 minutes to do. Now I know how Steve Austin felt when he first used his bionic eye to gaze into the distant! While recuperating and resting in my bedroom, I can't help but feel that I may have taken a lot of things for granted, especially this gift of sight. It is true, one never really appreciates the things around until they are gone. Without sight or when sight is impaired one can feel lost and 'unbalanced' somewhat. My initial handicapped may have caused some people to perceive myself as being aloof as my vision especially the peripheral ones are unclear. So, now that I can see much more, I am able to take the surroundings in much better.

Anyway, it was a good week's rest. I am sure I am now getting back into the world of chaos and hectic pace that even with a good pair of eyes and renewed sight, I can still be perceived as someone not being able to measure up to someone's eyes. Be that as it may, there certainly is no way to please ALL people, so I just bite the bullet and carry on...

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