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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Put That X!

It was already cloudy and the distant thunder signaled rain as I got off to the CC to cast my vote that will determine the next government for Singapore.

When I arrived there, it was already drizzling rather briskly. There was a queue at the main entrance of the community centre as police patrolled the place and electoral officers ushered people into the voting process accordingly.

I saw some parishioners also who greeted me and gave knowing looks as to our presence there at the polling station. One parishioner, who is a biking fanatic, came in his usual biking gear with his 'expensive' bike and found himself having to park his bike outside of the CC as it wasn't allowed in. He bargained with the police to put his bike within the CC's compound and a compromise was reached somehow.

Then after all the checks and queuing was done, I arrived to get my voting slip from the officer there who read out my name and serial number to be recorded by her colleagues sitting opposite. So you wonder if you can be blackmarked if you do something to rile the garment... With that thought hanging over me like the sword of Damocles, I then proceeded to the booth and did a cross (not a tick as some news report quoting the Election Department as saying being 'acceptable' too. *shrug*) over a candidate on the paper. Then it was over and after dropping my vote into the box provided, I walked out from there and this time into the rain.

Of the many goings on, comments and observations that took place over the nine days of campaigning and rallies, none amused me more than the surprised look on the faces of the parishioners when I told them that I have to vote. It is as if:
a. I am exempted from all secular activities, including voting
b. I am under 21 years of age
c. I am not a citizen
d. I am an immigrant from another land
e. I am unsound of mind
f. I am in a ward that is uncontested
g. all of the above

Anyway, my vote was cast and after 8pm this evening, we will know whether the Opposition is able to garner the confidence of the nation for a compassionate government (among other things).


Anonymous said...

"I got off to the CC to cast my vote that will determine the next government for Singapore."

That's one heck of a power vote, I must say! The rest of us must have wasted our time going to the polling stations... since it's not gonna matter anyway! ;-)

Daniel said...

One party to rule them all!

Anonymous said...

I bet father aloysius being the humorous guy he always is put this cross (+) instead of this cross (X)

- ahaha


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