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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Away and Back

Hullo! *sheepish grin*

Was away for a while. Ran away from 'home' after all the Easter flurry of activities that took the wind off me! I was relaxing somewhere in Singapore where 8000 people of the parish could not find me! :-)

Now, it back to the grind and I wish I was back on holiday again! :P Anyway, I will get sort of that chance as I shall be on MC this time round due to my eye operation next Monday! *cheshire grin*

Meanwhile, the goings on from the current rallies and hustings from the Singapore election is getting much attention from the papers and the public alike. Looks like the PAP isn't going to let go with the JG affair. Whatever the case may be, come 6th May, we will make our case and it will be interesting to see who gets to hold the sceptre when the dust settles... In any case if you really, really can't make up your mind who to vote for, then try this particular one! ;-)

By the way, the previous picture which I posted for Easter had an interesting message to it that no one noticed. I was also caught by it until someone kindly pointed out in an email to me recently. Any idea what it is? This is even better than the *bleah* of the da Vinci code. ;-)


*s*haron said...

hint??? :P

Aloysius said...

look at the picture! ;-)

*s*haron said...

can give a more meaningful hint or not? :P

*s*haron said...

like what, circular door too small for square doorframe?
*narrows eyes*

Anonymous said...

Hi, Padre

By coincidence or "led" by God, I bumped into your blog. I am interested to see the picture which you posted. May I know where to find it?


Aloysius said...



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